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In the curent Legal Notice the user could find all the information about the legal terms that defines the relationship between the users and the person in charge of the web page that Las Viñas Viejas  provides ( 

The use of the website mean the full agreement of all and every disposition included in this Legal  Notice. In cosequence, the user of the website must read carefully the current Legal Notice every  time he/she visits the website because the text could be modified for the owner judgement, a  change of the law or a change in the company practice.  


Name of the owner: Yolanda Fuentes Usó 

Registered office: Crta de Ayódar s/n 

C.I.F.: 52945887W 

Phone contact: 620075657 

Email addres: 

Yolanda Fuentes Usó is the person in charge of the website and she agrees to cumply all the  national and European requisites that regulate the use of the personal data of the users.  

This website guarantee the protection and confidentiality of the personal data provided in  accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (UE) 2016/679 of the European  Parliament and Council (April 27, 2016), the Organic Law 3/2018 about Personal Data Protection  and guarantee of the digital rights, just as in the Law of Information Services and Electronic  Commerce 34/2002 of July 11 (LSSI-CE). 


The website provide to the users, interested people and organizations the same access data and  personal services by Hotel Restaurante Las Viñas Viejas. 

The acces and use of the website assign the status of website user (from now on the “User”) and  imply the agreement of all the terms included in this Legal Notice just as the possible  modifications. The service delivery of the website has a duration limited to when the User is  connected to the website or to any of the services offered through it. In consequence, the User  must read carefully this Legal Notice every time he/she proposed to use the website, because that  term and his conditions of use are recorded in this Legal Notice could be changed.  


3.1.- Free access and use of the website. The access to the website is free for the users, except in  what concertns to the cost of the connection through the telecommunications network provided  by the service provided contracted by the user.  

3.2.- User registration. In general, the access and use of the website do not require the suscription  or register of the users.  

3.3.- Users guarantee and respond, in any case, for the precision, validity and authenticity of the  personal data provided, and undertake to keep them up to date as required. User accept to  provide complete and properly information in the contact or subscription form.  

In no case will the personal data related to the professional, economic or private situation of any  other members of the family be obtained from an underaged minor without consent. If you are  under thirteen years old and have entered this website without notifying your parents you cannot  register as a user.  

User data is respected and cared for on this website. As user you should know that your rights are  guaranteed.  


The language used by the owner on the website will be the spanish and english. Hotel Restaurante  Las Viñas Viejas denies responsability of the no comprehension or understanding of the language  and any of its consequences. 

Hotel Restaurante Las Viñas Viejas could change or remove the contents of the website without  any obligation to give advance warning, just as the way to access a to them without any  justification and freely, not taking responsability of the consequences that the same ones could  cause to the users.  

It is forbidden the use of the web contents for publicize, contract or spread publicity or information without the authorization of Hotel Restaurante Las Viñas Viejas, included sending publicity or  information using for it the services or information provided to the users, independently if it  application is free or not. 

The links added by third parties in their webpages, directed from this website it will be for the  aperture of the complete website, not being able to manifest, directly or indirectly, fake, inaccurate or confusing indications. Either incurring in unfair or illegal actions against Hotel Restaurante Las  Viñas Viejas.  


The personal data communicated by the user could be saved in automated database or not, which  are owned exclusively by Hotel Restaurante Las Viñas Viejas, assuming all the thecnique,  organizational and security mesures that guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and quality of the  information content in these according to the current regulations in data protection. 


Both acces to this website and the use made of the information contained is the exclusive  responsability of the user. Hotel Restaurante Las Viñas Viejas will not respond of any consequence,  damage or harm which may derive from such acces or use of it. Hotel Restaurante Las Viñas Viejas  will not be responsible for any potential security flaws or damages that may be caused to the  user’s computer system (hardware and software), files or documents as a result of: 

– viruses in the computer of the user that were using for the connection to the website – an improper functioning of the browser  

– and/or the use of unupdated versions. 

Hotel Restaurante Las Viñas Viejas will not be responsible of the fiability and speed of the links that will be added in the website to the opening of extern webpages. Hotel Restaurante Las Viñas Viejas do not guarantee the utility of these links, and denies the responsibility for the contents or services that the user could access by these links or their correct operation. Hotel Restaurante Las Viñas  

Viejas will not be responsible of the viruses or another computer programs that deteriorate or  could disrupt the computer systems or hardwares of the users upon accessing their website or  other websites made accessivle via links from this website.  


The website can use cookies or similar technologies that are governed by the established in the  Cookies Policy, available in any moment and respecting the confidentiality and privacity of the user, being included in this Legal Notice.  


The Internet servers can collect non-identifying data that could include IP addresses and other  data that cant be used to identify the user. It IP address will be stored in the access logs  automatically and with the sole purpose of allow the network traffic, being necessary that the user equipment allows the IP address when surf the internet so the communications could be executed.


User knows and accept that all the contens and/or whatever element of the website are propierty  of Hotel Restaurante Las Viñas Viejas and he/she commits to respect the rights of intellectual and  industrial property title f Hotel Restaurante Las Viñas Viejas. Any use of the website or it content  must have a nature exclusively private. 

Any other use that involve the copy, reproduction, distribution, transformation, public  communication or any other similar action of all or part of the website contents, is only for internal use of Hotel Restaurante Las Viñas Viejas. No user could carry out any of these actions without the  prior and written consent by Hotel Restaurante Las Viñas Viejas. 


This Legal Notice will be interpreted and prevailed in accordance with the Spanish legislation. Hotel Restaurante Las Viñas Viejas and the users, with expressed resignation to any other law that could  correspond to them, are put under under the jurisdiction of the residence of the user for any  dispute that could ensue of the acceess or use of the website. In case the user has his/her address  outside Spain, Hotel Restaurante Las Viñas Viejas and the user, submit, with an express waiver of  any other jurisdiction out of Fuentes de Ayódar. 

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